From Horrific Hallway to Gruesome Garden


Decorating for Halloween is becoming more and more popular every year. While there’s always been an element of decoration associated with Halloween, in the past decade or so outdoor and indoor decorating has taken giant leaps forward. This is great news for all the Halloween decorators out there. Continue reading


Halloween props are a great way to make this Halloween the scariest one ever! Let’s face it, he world of Halloween decorations has come a long way from the days of a pumpkin and a scarecrow. Today’s Halloween decorator has a multitude of frightening choices at his or her fingertips. Halloween props are among the best of those decorating choices. Continue reading


Outdoor Halloween Decorations have come a long way. Gone are the days when you’d stick a carved pumpkin outside and call it done. Today, the average Halloween ghost or ghoul has more outdoor decorating choices than you can shake a broomstick at. Continue reading


Lights, in one form or another, have always been a part of the Halloween tradition. Back in the day, the lights were mostly candles and bonfires. (Everyone remembers the glow of a candle in a carved pumpkin. The smell of wood smoke and the flicker of firelight might remind some of a long ago Halloween weenie roast.) Today, the choice in Halloween lights is better than ever. Continue reading


Decorating for Halloween used to mean carving a pumpkin. Some people might go step further and stuff and old pair of pants and a shirt with newspaper or straw to make a scarecrow. Other people might put out some bales of hay or a bundle of corn stalks. There wasn’t much other choice beyond these traditional Halloween decorations. Today, that has all changed. Continue reading